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things to do at MineVention

Build Battles & Meet Guests

Build Battles

The Build Battle area is a highly engaging zone that allows kids the opportunity to get creative and battle it out live on stage with other attendees. Equally as much fun to watch, spectators are never disappointed as they can see the battle played out on the big screen, as each participant is asked to build an item from a chosen theme in a set amount of time.

The console-based battles feature up to 8 players at a time and participants can then demonstrate their creativity live at the event with our MC spending one on one time with the competitors to discuss what they’re building and giving them their chance to shine on stage.


Build Battles are a huge attraction at MineVention and really encourages participants to take the limelight, get involved and take pride in their abilities in front of a live audience! The talent and hard work that is demonstrated in the Build Battle zone is always incredible to watch.



Here at MineVention, we encourage participants to get creative and make their very own Minecraft costumes that they can bring along to the event! The possibilities are endless and the hard work and dedication that attendees put into creating their favorite Minecraft characters has been nothing short of impressive over the years of MineVention.

Participants will be invited on stage by our MC to show off their creations and tell the audience all about it. Having the opportunity to get up on stage and display their hard work to a live audience is so rewarding for attendees and truly sees them participating in the event and most importantly, having fun!


With cool prizes to be won, the costume contest at MineVention is always a favourite with attendees!



Our on-stage content consist of a variety of opportunities to have fun and win prizes – from Dance Offs to Creator Challenges, Q&A Panels and more, these highly engaging Main Stage segments get everybody involved.

Whether you’re up on stage with us or cheering the participants on from the audience, our main stage content is endless fun for everyone. Even the most reserved members of the family will want to join in with everyone on stage and let loose.


Designed to break the ice and get everybody into the spirit of the day the On-Stage Challenges are also a great way to spend more time with their favorite YouTubers, win cool prizes, create incredible memories and of course just have fun!



Do your children obsess over their favorite Minecraft YouTubers? Gaming YouTubers have emerged as the new wave of celebrity and with fans of Minecraft following them daily on YouTube YouTubers guide their viewers in playing the game and demonstrate the endless possibilities of what you can do in Minecraft.

Since MineVention began in 2014, we have welcomed some of the biggest names in the YouTubing world such as DanTDM, Sqaishey, BigBStatz, TycerX, False Symmetry, Little Lizard Gaming and many many more!


Our dedicated Meet and Greet areas allow kids to experience that all important opportunity to meet their heroes, get their signature and have their photo taken with them. 

All meet and greets are included in the ticket price.

Arts &


Whether it's creating a box-head masterpiece that you've purchased from our Merch booth or coloring in our cool coloring sheets with the younger children, our craft activities will have something for all ages.

We provide all the pens, glue and scissors and you take away the end result!


& Much


There is always something to do at our events and we hope to provide something for everyone.


Check out the event for yourself and have a great time!

If you have any further questions about the event, feel free to contact a member of our Minevention team today. Also, check out our FAQ section as we have lots of information there. 


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