Our on-stage content consist of a variety of opportunities to have fun and win prizes – from Dance Offs to Creator Challenges, Q&A Panels and more, these highly engaging Main Stage segments get everybody involved.

Whether you’re up on stage with us or cheering the participants on from the audience, our main stage content is endless fun for everyone. Even the most reserved members of the family will want to join in with everyone on stage and let loose.

Designed to break the ice and get everybody into the spirit of the day the On-Stage Challenges are also a great way to spend more time with their favourite YouTubers, win cool prizes, create incredible memories and of course just have fun!

MineVention is not organised, managed or hosted by Mojang. MineVention is operating this event on its own accord with no association to Mojang and is solely responsible for the planning, content, activities and programme. MINECRAFT® is a registered trademark of Mojang Synergies AB.

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