Do your children obsess over their favourite Minecraft YouTubers? Gaming YouTubers have emerged as the new wave of celebrity and with fans of Minecraft following them daily on YouTube YouTubers guide their viewers in playing the game and demonstrate the endless possibilities of what you can do in Minecraft.

These larger than life personalities that provide so much entertainment for members of your family have featured regularly at MineVention since the event began in 2014 and we have welcomed some of the biggest names in the YouTubing world from all over the globe such as DanTDM, SnakeDoctor, Sqaishey, BigBStatz, TycerX, Amy Lee, False Symmetry, Little Lizard Gaming and many many more!

MineVention provides the opportunity for your family to create memories that last a lifetime as kids can get to meet them in real life! Our dedicated Meet and Greet stages allow kids to experience that all important opportunity to meet their heroes, get their signature and have their photo taken with them. Providing the perfect atmosphere to allow for that incredible moment the Meet and Greet stages are a huge attraction with attendees!

All meet and greets are included in the ticket price.

MineVention is not organised, managed or hosted by Mojang. MineVention is operating this event on its own accord with no association to Mojang and is solely responsible for the planning, content, activities and programme. MINECRAFT® is a registered trademark of Mojang Synergies AB.

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