Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that we get. If you have a question that isn't covered here, please feel free to send us an email by clicking

What is MineVention?

MineVention celebrates the game Minecraft through scheduled activities such as Build Battles, Educational Talks on Minecraft, Tournaments, Q&A Sessions, Arts and Crafts, a Costume Contest and On-Stage Challenges. The event also features popular YouTubers who will be available for FREE Meet and Greet opportunities as well as many other fun activities designed for Minecraft fans of all ages!

Why a Session and not a Full Day?

Over the past 5 years we have listened to our attendees and their families and we are delighted to announce that this year that we will be bringing MineVention Party sessions to our 2020 events. This allows us to provide a Minecraft party for you and your Minecraft fans and gives you the opportunity to come in the morning (allowing you the afternoon to do your own thing) or an afternoon session (allowing you to have a lie in!). Each session is for 4 hours.

What times are the sessions?

We run two sessions per day: 9am-1pm & 2pm-6pm

What age does MineVention cater for?

We cater to Minecraft fans of all ages! There is entertainment available for the very young and also for the older children in the family as well. Please note that the content of events can vary depending on location and available space, so if you have any queries please contact us directly!

Why smaller venues?

We are visiting smaller locations in order to keep our events more community focussed and provide that personal experience that our followers have loved from our previous events.

Can I Buy Merchandise?

Absolutely! We will have official Minecraft merchandise available as well as our own MineVention branded items in the Merchandise Zone.

Is MineVention Sensory Friendly?

Yes we are! We work very closely with local Autism partnerships, sensory companies, and of course, parents to ensure that we provide an atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle that allows for families to continue enjoying the event. A member of staff will always be on hand for any assistance required. In 2019 we introduced autism friendly sessions at most events, which will cater more specifically for children with autism.

What is the difference between the Sensory friendly sessions and the other sessions?

The autism friendly session allows for families to attend and have the MineVention experience in an environment that caters for the child. The session will include the same content but with the following:
• Reduced capacity
• No unnecessary tannoy announcements
• No loud music
• Reduced lighting
• Quiet room access

I am a carer, do i still need a ticket?

As this is an event primarily aimed at children, all parents/carers will require a paid for ticket to enter.

My child has special requirements. Is there anyone I can speak to prior to purchasing a ticket?

Yes, we are always happy to help. Please contact us directly and we will endeavour to assist as best we can.

Are we guaranteed to meet the Creators at the event?

We cannot guarantee that everyone will get to meet the YouTubers. There are set Meet and Greet times for each YouTuber during the event, however, they can also be scheduled for activities in various zones throughout the day. In an effort to contain queues and ensure that people are not left waiting unnecessarily queues can be closed before the scheduled Meet and Greets times finish. This is to allow the queue to empty and for the event to run smoothly. There will be detailed schedules provided to you at the ticketing desk, we encourage attendees to take note of the Meet and Greet times and exercise judgement to ensure that you are not disappointed.

Is there a fast-track queue system?

No. This is something we have done in the past and experience in running these events has taught us that it does not work effectively.

Can my child attend unsupervised?

Unfortunately not. All children aged 14 and under must be supervised at all times to ensure their safety and they cannot enter the premises without a parent or guardian over the age of 18.

I am bringing my child to MineVention, do i need a ticket?

Yes, entry to the event is permitted only when in possession of a valid ticket.

We want to attend MineVention, but one of our children is only two, do they need a ticket?

No, children aged three and under do not require a ticket. Simply come to the venue and we will let them in.

What is at the events, content wise?

• Our famous Build Battle zone
• Minecraft Tournaments
• Panel Talks with Minecraft Creators
• Meet & Greet with Creators
• On stage fun and games
• Arts & Craft Section
• Official Minecraft Merch Zone

We try to offer a consistent range of activities at all events we hold, however please check the individual pages for a confirmed list of activities at that particular event.

We purchased tickets for the event, but am now unable to attend - can we get a refund?

Unfortunately not. Please check the chosen date and session time before committing to buy as once purchased, tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. We reserve the right not to offer to change tickets to alternative sessions.


For those who may have purchased tickets for our April 2020 event in Meath, These tickets have now been refunded. We await a new date for 2021 with fingers crossed.

How do i keep up to date with MineVention events?

To be one of the first to hear about MineVention dates, news and information, subscribe to our emailed newsletter. Please be assured that your personal information is very important to us. It will only be used for the purpose of keeping you informed about MineVention updates. Your details will never be passed to a third party and you may unsubscribe at any time. You may also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for regular updates.

Will there be refreshments / Catering?

Yes, we will always ensure that adequate catering is provided when we attend a venue. However catering is provided by the venue and not ourselves, so we cannot accept dietary requirements or take responsibility for food supplied by the venues.

Can I exit the venue during the session and still be permitted entry back into the venue at the same session?

Yes of course. As long as you are in possession of a valid wristband then you can come and go during event hours as you please. Wrist bands are given when presenting your tickets at the venue. Please note that children cannot be left unattended in the venue at any time.